Feeding Gremlins

Yes, they are real!

Before I start let me clarify that the gremlins that I speak of are the ones that live in technology. These are not the ones that were once cute and fuzzy becoming monsters by eating after midnight. Confused? You shouldn’t be.
Answer the following questions:

  1. Does your piece of technology seem to fail at the most important moment?
  2. Have you charged batteries overnight and still had it drain in less than half of the time it should?
  3. Does mouse seem to just take off on it’s own and you’ve scanned for a virus for the 5th time today?
  4. Does it matter what you touch if it technology it doesn’t like you?

Yes to any of these questions means you have a technology gremlin that has been neglected.

Seriously, technology should be handled just like any three year old child. If you don’t give a child that age a nap doesn’t it get cranky? If you don’t feed a child doesn’t it cry and whine and create havoc in the household? For those of you that have taken care of children that small, just remember to treat you gadgets the same way. The gremlins will be napped and feed leaving you alone so you can get your work done.

Oh and don’t forget those updates and shots for virus infections! Gremlins hate getting sick.


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